FAIT ACCOMPLI: Recent Works by Abir Karmakar

Abir Karmakar is an artist of the fraught interval. He has measured it in various ways in his previous bodies of work: as the brief emptiness between exit and entry in the lamplit glow of a room; as the pause […]

Profile: Mamjunath Kamath, Jagannath Panda, Thakral & Tagra

Ina Puri portrays Mamjunath Kamath, Jagannath Panda, Thakral and Tagra and brings to the fore the concerns that underline their art. MANJUNATH KAMATH Horizon? There was no longer a horizon. I was in the wings of a theatre cluttered up […]

The Turning Point: Nasreen Mohamedi’s Conquest

Roobina Karode writes on Nasreen Mohamedi’s efforts to address social and political issues in the early years after independence with non-objective imagery. Subsequently the artist embarked on a journey in quest of a non-material world using very frugal means of […]

Earthbound Metaphors: Trupti Patel’s Sculptures

I There is an ephemeral quality to Trupti Patel’s sculptures. Their transient nature is a marker of the sculptor’s fascination with the cyclical rhythm of nature. She posits man and objects within this matrix of seasonality. Figures and objects are […]