Market Review

The FER Collection and the significance of private collectors.

Lydia Rea Hartl spoke to Fredrick E. Reutschler in Germany who is one of the most important private collectors of international contemporary art in that country and one who supports interesting artistic and philosophical positions. The private art collector is […]

The Treasure House of Bengal Art

Shirin and Yezdi Dastur make a gracious couple who live in Alipore, Kolkata. I felt the welcoming warmth the moment I stepped into the sprawling living room, even before the steaming coffee and the cookies arrived. The Dastur home is […]

Collecting Sculpture

It is natural for humans to gather, assemble, hoard and accumulate to save, harvest, conclude and deduce ideas and pleasure. Those with resources and commitment can develop a life long interest in their chosen interest to refresh liberal enlightenment with […]

The Rise and Fall of the Graph

Abhijit Lath feels that the Indian Art Market is at the very initial stage of maturity and therefore there are bound to be imbalances The last 18 months have been a harrowing time for most stakeholders in the Indian art […]

Unusual Picks: Kishore Musale

With a taste for the unusual, Kishore Musale is an art collector with a mind of his own. Picking up art, whether it is from India or Europe, has become second nature to Kishore Musale, Chairman and Managing Director, Astarc […]

Smart Investment

With the world economy almost falling off the cliff and liquidity vanishing from most markets, the Indian art market couldn’t have stayed buoyant forever. Prices of works had soared to unrealistic levels with auction bidding sparking price rigging allegations. The […]