Installation Art

My Journey in Photography

I see photography as a unique adventure to discover how I am placed with the people I like and love. It is to understand the elements of their lives and those of mine. In the process I try to make […]

Salt Water Tears

Rippling sea waves, dried river beds and endless fields. Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. A family needs about six pitchers of water a day, and they have to walk seven miles to get it. Ignoring knee-deep mud […]

Death Traps

Fire is an ever present death threat for the entire community of Dhaka city. From homes and workplaces to shopping malls and public spaces, a lack of building codes and fire protection have created a situation where residents are living […]

Four Texts/Four Images

one They don’t make beds like that any more. So high that a seven-year old would need a stool or at least a helping shove to get on them. Wide and long. Genuine teak from Burma. Slatted underbelly. What else?  […]

Land and its political scape: Subodh Kerkar

Koumudi Patil gives us a glimpse of Subodh Kerkar’s installations that interpret land as a cultural identity. A stone is a landscape; a remarkable archive of change, time and space, hiding histories beneath and between its lines. These mute witnesses […]