In Conversation

Chinese Chemistry

Arjun Puri engages in a discussion with Vidura Jung Bahadur on her work and her experiences in dealing with the Chinese community in India. “Even though they still share a bond with China, India is a part of their lives […]

Talking to Annu P. Matthew

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew’s work is firmly grounded in cross-cultural experience. Professor of Photography at the University of Rhode Island, she appropriates images from diverse sources and juxtaposes them to make incisive comments about displacement, family, social inequities, and cultural memory. […]

Of colours, images & betrayals

Akhilesh speaks of his practice and his concerns to Aditya Basak A.B: For years you have cultivated abstract painting and moreover you are an excellent writer. We would like to hear your inner thoughts? A: It’s really difficult to separate. Both […]

The Journey of Two Abstractionists

Manasij Majumdar anchors a lively interaction between Arindam Chatterjee and Samindranath Majumdar – two of Kolkata’s most dynamic abstract artists – in artVarta office. M.M.: Abstraction is very very ancient. Plato for example, thought about the idea of abstraction and […]

In Conversation: Jogen Chowdhury

Jogen Chowdhury, Professor Emeritus, ex-Principal of Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, and internationally renowned artist shares his point of view on art education with Adip Dutta, a talented young sculptor and member of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati […]

The maladies plaguing art education

Dipali Bhattacharya (Chief Administrator. Govt. College of Art Kolkata), Indrapramit Roy (Faculty Member MSU Baroda), Chhatrapati Dutta (former Faculty Member, Department of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata) met in the artVarta office on November13, 2010, and over a few […]

Down Memory Lane

The prominent contemporary artist Akhilesh met the master of abstracts S.H. Raza, amidst the greens in Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, on the 15th of February, 2010. Together they walked down memory lane. A: Raza Saab in ’48 you met Cartier Bresson […]