About artVarta

artVarta was launched in 2009 to provide a scope for an intellectual climate of art criticism and debates. This magazine’s vision has been to:

  •  Provide a new productive dialogue ‘in words’ between art practitioners, curators,  critics  and viewers.
  • Communicate meanings and create larger worlds of artistic literacy.
  • Bring together two separate strands of art history and art criticism to mutually reinforce knowledge about art practices of the past and present.
  • Work out new public platforms for art discussions.
  • Generate a fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions between intellectuals, artists, critics, curators, viewers and galleries.
  • Create an informed and discerning art market through art writing and art journals.

The bi-annual magazine published in Kolkata is edited, published and printed by Reena Lath on behalf of Lath Sarvodaya Trust and Akar Prakar Art. The Consultant Editor for the magazine is Ruma Dasgupta. In the last three years, artVarta has published 7 issues after collaborating with a wide range of writers, guest editors and artists:

Issue 1 This issue focused primarily on installation art, art exhibition in a global perspective and conversations with artists like Jayashree Chakravarty, Paula Sengupta and Aditya Basak.

Issue 2 The issue centered around the show titled Art Against Terrorism which was featured in some of the major art galleries of Kolkata. Writers for this issue included Nancy Adajania, Ina Puri, Beth Citron and Swapan Mullick among others.

Issue 3 The focus of this issue was primarily to trace the different schools of sculptural practices in India with Dhruv Mistry as the Guest Editor. Articles traced the history of modern Indian sculptors from various parts of India. Writers like Nandini Ghosh, Abhijeet Tamhane and Meera Menezes were part of this issue.

Issue 4 A special issue with a focus on SAARC countries was a primary feature of Issue 4. Articles covered brief histories of modern art practices and its evolution in places like Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Issue 5 Along with the Varta editorial team, Guest Editor Indrapramit Roy helped to put together the special art education issue which looks into the present and past of art education in India and abroad. Writers like Meera Menezes, Jayaram Poduval, Shawon Akand and Salima Hashmi pitched in for this issue.

Issue 6 Abstract art was the main theme for this issue, with Guest Editor Manish Pushkale. Conversations with Manasij Majumdar, Samindranath Majumdar, and articles by Swapan Chakravorty and Nandini Ghosh were special features of this issue.

Issue 7 This issue deals with the relationship between modern and contemporary Indian and Western art. Guest Editor Ernst W Koelsnsperger has written about the impact of artists like Picasso, Kandinsky and Matisse on Indian art. Conversations with artist C. Douglas, German art collector Frederich Reuntschler, and photographer Annu P. Matthew are featured in this issue.

Issue 8 This issue featured a special on photography as art with Guest Editor Ms. Ina Puri. It also had a tribute to Prabudhha Dasgupta, with photographs by major practitioners from India.

Issue 9 This issue was on the global phenomenon of Video Art, and its various practitioners, in India, and internationally.

Issue 10/11 This issue was a special double issue, on Miniature art in India, with its history. Guest edited by Asok Kumar Das.

Issue 12/13 This was the second double issue, on Textiles 5000 years history in India. Guest edited by Jasleen Dhamija.

Issue 14/15 The proposed issue will be on Crafts in India, and the needs to revive them in a contemporary manner. Guest editor, Jaya Jaitly.